Other Crosswords


Nyt Mini Crossword
Answers for this puzzle are short and straight to the point. The puzzle consists of usually around 10 clues in each direction and it is a daily puzzle, consider it the cherry on top of the main nyt puzzle.

Nyt Spelling Bee has a purpose of helping people and students in particular, increase their vocabulary, improve their spelling, learn new concepts and develop a more accurate English usage which will help them during their entire lives.The honeycomb shape puzzles will challenge you to form words from letters.

Soluzioni per Cruciverba Italian crosswords with a twist. Cruciverbi are unique crossword puzzles that come in all shapes and sizes.


USA Today Crossword
Answers for this crossword game are published daily as well and the solutions are grouped for each direction and you have the chance to view the entire puzzle solution of both vertical and horizontal clues for that day, in a single page.

If you liked Themed Crosswords check out the previous link has it has a link to a Daily Themed Crossword one.

If we can add another interesting crossword type of game here in this list that would be Crossword Jam. It incorporates beautifully designed themes and backgrounds giving you an awesome crossword playing experience. Each theme is a country theme and the puzzles are related to the Country theme you are currently playing. Did we mention the clues are very tricky and fun?