Crossword Puzzles Boost Productivity

Crossword Puzzles are now a classic game that has been around and played by many generations. Besides being fun crosswords can also help you increase ones productivity.

Playing Mini Crosswords while taking a break from work throughout the day can help you be more productive and give your brain a stretch. It is a nice alternative as opposed to spending endless hours in social media or refreshing for new emails. By doing a crossword instead of wasting time you keep your brain engaged, while taking a rest and recharging to go back to work refreshed and ready for new tasks.

Creativity and Critical Thinking are essential skills that are necessary when playing crosswords. By playing regularly and exercising your brain you make sure that your brain will stay healthy, sharp and much better at problem solving tasks that improve your cognitive areas.

A way to Enrich Vocabulary. By playing crosswords and adding new words and definitions to your vocabulary you are guaranteed to be more articulate in you day to day speech. It is impossible not to stumble upon new words and definitions as you play and solve puzzles. They will improve your written and spoken vocabulary when you participate in conversations.

Anti Stress. Crosswords have been long considered as the type of game that helps you take your mind off things and reduce stress. It also gives you a sense of accomplishment when you fully solve a puzzle.

It is never too late to start playing crosswords. You can start with an easy and mini version of crossword. Many newspapers offer printed or online crosswords. LaTimes, WashingtonPost, The Guardian, Daily Commuter Crossword are only a few of the many crosswords available for you to play. Take you time and explore some of them to see which one you like best theme-wise or as a puzzle experience. They fun, and helpful for you brain so definitely worth a try.

WSJ Crossword Answers Today

Wall Street Journal publishes a Crossword Puzzle for many years. It is not a daily crossword puzzle like LAT, NYT, Or USA Today but it’s quite challenging and distinctive. You will have a lot of fun playing and trying to solve it.

This website was created the the sole intention of serving as wsj crossword solver. Once a crossword puzzle is published, we play and publish the solutions in a timely matter.

Below we have listed the solutions of all the latest Puzzles according to their date of publication.